Portable Squeezebox With Serial

The Squeezbox media streaming systems are compact Linux WiFi enabled radios that let you stream your collection anywhere,so long as you have an AC or USB outlet nearby. But [Achim Sack] wanted to stream his collection from anywhere with no wires attached (translation). Some poking and prodding revealed a connector actually designed for a battery and serial, but no commercially available battery yet.

The system requires a temperature sensor and if you want serial, a USB converter, but overall a simple process that could be done in an afternoon. Giving your box ~10 hour of life and even fits inside of a back compartment.

[Thanks Thomas]

14 thoughts on “Portable Squeezebox With Serial

  1. I own a squeezebox boom, without question is the most disappointing device I have ever purchased. Despite the claimed iTunes compatibility, it has little to no interaction with iTunes, rather it is able to coexist on a Mac with iTunes somewhat peaceably. The UI on the device is suboptimal. The UI on the daemon you have to run on your Mac (or other system) is not much better (and it’s a resource hog).

    While this is an interesting and somewhat useful hack, I couldn’t recommend to anyone to buy these products.

  2. The SB Radio has a battery compartment, apparently a remote+battery pack will be released this year.

    I have 2x SB Radios and a Duet. The server runs fine on a 500MHz AMD Geode (from pcengines.ch).

    It would be great to be able to take a SB Radio outside in the summer for BBQs. However I think I will have to work on my wifi range then.

  3. amazing, so there are two easter eggs at least? One is purported to display “Who” lyrics (aka squeezebox), and this new one shows a picture of a woman?

    Does his battery fit inside I wonder?

    Good hack, silly there wasn’t a battery available.

  4. Makes me want to whip up a battery pack for my “Livio Internet Radio Featuring Pandora”.

    It’s perhaps not in the same class of device, but still something that could benefit from being made a little more portable for when the need arises.

    Good stuff!

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