One Minute Review Of Your Wasted Time


It’s easy to throw around the accusation that you waste time throughout the day. Now you can prove it by reviewing everything you did on your computer, all in just one minute. [Dan Paluska] ground out some code to take screenshots and assemble them into a video.

His script ties together the open source tools FFmpeg, ImageMagick, and scrot. It takes a snap every 15 seconds in a 10 hour period for a total of 2400 frames. He even outlines the process to automatically upload these clips to YouTube. Just remember, if you’re doing something naughty, there’ll be a record of it.

16 thoughts on “One Minute Review Of Your Wasted Time

  1. everybody too busy trolling chatroulette? if you’d have read this first then you could upload your trollachievements on youtube, share it for the world.. except if it was chatroulette it would be too full of penises to last very long on youtube…..

  2. So he made a program that can take screenshots periodically and compile them into a video and then post them to youtube. I bet the first thing that guy thought was, I should my monitor.

  3. I’m going to have to remember to set this up first thing when I buy a new mac.

    Can you imagine how entertaining it would be to watch a video of your computer’s life 5 years after owning it?

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