GPU cooling to fix RRoD

[Rbz] fixed his friend’s Red Ring of Death stricken Xbox 360 by improving the GPU cooling. Because an overheating GPU is a common cause of the failure, he first tried to replace the thermal compound for better heat conductivity between the chip and the heat sink. This helped a bit but within two hours the problem was back. Troubled by the heat discoloration on the bottom of the DVD drive, he removed it and screwed a cooling fan to the GPU heat sink. That did the trick, so he moved the drive to the outside of the case with the aid of a longer SATA cable. It’s not pretty, but it worked.

64 thoughts on “GPU cooling to fix RRoD

  1. “I gotta say, I still have no regrets about buying a PS3 instead of a 360.” cause you watch movies and your a casual gamer? Multiplayer and hardcore gamers only have one choice.

  2. Its a very good idea imho. Heat expands the air around it and in the xbox-360 it oozes out of the box like playdoh. The back fans help a bit, but without space around the heatsink for air to expand and vamoose it sticks around. And Air is a Lousy Heat Conductor for Electronics.

    I’ve done some heat tests with an IR thermometer which is as close at it claims measuring temps. (I’ve even pointed it under my tongue to take my
    temperature and it’s very close)

    Bottom line is there’s ~10% difference from gpu heatsink temp to rear airflow temp. The air around the heatsink takes on very little heat and must be moving (more) to be effective.

    When the GPU heatsink reaches 160deg F. It RROD’s

    There’s other factors such as the melting point of the solder near the gpu, warping of the board due to excessive heat in the xbox360. Others have addressed that.

    But, the DVD drive being a mere 1/16″ over the GPU heatsink is, umm, very bad design. 2 rear fans helps, but 3 might be better. By then you have a box that sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

  3. How about removing the case and installing the guts in a cheap PC case that has enough space to allow better airflow and perhaps a self contained off the shelf water cooling system?

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