Zune Gets Hacked, OpenZDK

Here is one that really got some of us at the HAD offices excited (yes, we own Zunes). The introduction of the Open Zune Development Kit. Sure, there was XNA, and we even toyed around with it. But anyone will quickly realize just how limited XNA is, especially with older hardware.

OpenZDK is in its infancy, with only one application thus far (don’t worry, you can still use XNA apps too). But we wanted to give it a shout out and let the hacker community make this potential into a reality.

[Thanks Galen]

21 thoughts on “Zune Gets Hacked, OpenZDK

  1. But in all seriousness, batteries are very primitive compared to our electronics. That one takes up half the device. They have a very low capacity and large size. Maybe nanotubes may help in the future, but i doubt anytime soon.

    Maybe fuel cells could provide a nice alternative, but platinum and other noble metals would make the cost prohibitive. They could be harvested from spent nuclear fuel, because the fuel contains 1% noble metals, but that will never happen because there’s no demand for fuel cells.

    A while ago, some people were experimenting with millimeter sized combustion engines as a power source (http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2006/microengines.html)
    They provided a power-bulk ratio 10x greater than lithium cells, but idk what happened to them.

  2. Tried it out on my ZuneHD last night. Install went well, and it worked fine, just 1 glitch. You can press the home button and the Three Dee is shown under the home menu, like a background.

    Overall I am excited that we now have this kind of access to the Zune.

  3. You know what sucks? When Microsoft calls out for Developers, and then don’t even give them the tools to create great things.

    I really want a zune hd, and this new turn of events gives me hope that in the future it’ll actually have some great apps. I’d even help out as much as i can, but I don’t want to drop the cash on hopes and dreams.

    for now, I will just wait and see.

  4. One of my favorite lines from the TV Show ‘Chuck’, episode “Chuck vs Tom Sawyer”

    Chuck: Hey Morgan, do we have any ‘RUSH’ CDs in the store?
    Morgan: No need, man, I’ve got them right here on my Zune!
    Chuck (puzzled look): You’ve got a zune?!
    Morgan (laughing): No man, they’re on my iPod, whaddya need?

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