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Android, on the iPhone? We’ve covered iPhone Linux before… and if you look back, we mentioned the possibility of porting Android to the iPhone (even way back in 2008!). Well we are proud to announce that The Future is Now! The details are a little slim so far, but the iPhone is seen running a stock Android 1.6 install (Donut), and has support for Wifi, GSM networks, and even uses openiBoot to dual boot to the regular iPhone OS if you aren’t particularly committed. Right now the developers are considering it an Alpha version, and have provided all you need to perform this particular brand of Cult of Apple heresy. One catch though, the developers say that they only have it working on the 2G models, so sorry all you 3G(S) folks (for now). Dont get too down, and keep an eye open, something like this is bound to attract new talent to push the movement.

Anyone out there with a 2G and some free time? We would love to see some users showing off Hackaday on their hacked up iPhone!

40 thoughts on “Android On The IPhone

  1. I applaud the effort greatly. I look forward to the continued progress in getting an alternative OS to the iPhone and the completion of this project. From what it looks like, this is basically the same as running the Android in a Virtual Machine on a PC. I believe I have the exact image, or a similar image on my laptop that I run in a VM just to mess around. Having fully functional Android on an iPhone is the only way I’d ever purchase an iPhone. I’ve become too accustomed to my phone actually being my phone, and not the carrier’s phone. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great work anyone know the details as to why it can currently only run on the iPhone 2G I am under the impression the 3G was basically the same hardware.

    Anyway hopefully someone can figure out a way to get it on the new ones so I could dual boot until I get a true Android phone when my contracts up.

  3. Seriously? really? Out of all great platforms they wasted time on iphone…

    “Fantastic! We need more work like this, showing these companies that closed platforms get replaced!”
    “Haha, more poo in apple’s face”

    What!? This is like showing anger by leaving large tip to the waiter who visibly spit in you soup. pathetic

  4. Absolutely amazing.
    Luckily, I just had to restore my iPT-2G, So I’ve got little to loose by trying this. It’s about time Linux got running fully on the i devices.

    1. iPod Touch 2g isn’t supported yet. Drivers and chipsets vary from device to device. Even if those drivers are supported, ever thought about the NAND? ;-) Not to mention openiboot needs to support the device.

  5. @YaBa: Really? Why not just buy a phone that already has andriod on it then, i mean if you have to go out and buy something allready in order to do this then why bother getting the iphone? :/

  6. Given time, 3G and 3GS will be supported. From what I read, they are planning to make OpeniBoot more modular so it can easily be ported to almost any device (OpeniBoot on my PC? Hell yeah! >_>)

    But I eagerly await a 3G release with an easy-to-use installer. Don’t fancy having to crank open the command line. Sure I can do it, but that’s not what I’m after! :P

  7. LOL I love it, Jobs says if you want porn get an android phone. The community responds with putting android on a iPhone. Gotta love smart assed hackers!

    @spider: The answer is Simple, it is like why does a dog lick himself, … because he can.

  8. I like this. I have a 3G.
    The reason that I bought an iPhone, was because I wanted to try and get my part of the App Store pie (money). To much competition out there though, and frankly, I’m not going to pay all that money to aple, develop an app in Objective-C, and THEN have my app turned down. Not for me, thanks.
    Good thing I got it for $30 lol, buy it with a cracked screen, replace said screen for $13, not a bad deal.
    OFC, when people see my jailbroken iPhone they always ask ‘How do I get THAT feature?’ Referring usually to Cycorder. They then offer me money to jailbreak. I’m the local jailbreak guy.

  9. @Cloudy

    Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t actually watch the video on HAD until just now. I found it on another site, and came here to see if it had been posted. The video I watched was not as long as the one posted above and all I saw was the internet browsing. Now that I see it in full…Can I has one?

  10. Took a while to get this working, with the vaguish instructions in the readme provided by planetbeing but it is really impressive

    I took my phone into the apple store and most of them didn’t even have a clue that it was possible,

    The main problem at the moment is the power management, the device gets a little hot as wellbut for an alpha release, very polished….i was on the iphonelinux IRC and progress is being made at an amazing rate

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