Lawnmower Converted To Hoe/scraper

[Torx] wrote this instructable on how to convert a lawnmower to another useful tool.  We’re not sure what language he natively speaks, but we doubt it is english, so you might be better off just looking at the pictures to figure out what he’s doing.  To summarize, he has lowered the mower and reversed/bent the blade to scrape the ground. He has also added thick rubber edges all around to try to keep debris from coming out. You might be wondering why he would need something like this, but the last page sums it up pretty well. We could imagine this possibly getting some use in the garden as well. This one does look pretty dangerous though, so don’t blame us if you cut off a hand or lose an eye to some debris. Then again, a regular lawnmower looks pretty dangerous too.

13 thoughts on “Lawnmower Converted To Hoe/scraper

  1. It would be pretty useful to remove grass and other stuff from a RC / BMX track.

    I think i would try to make this one, i have a few used mowers at a RC track that is more grass than dirt, and dirt is better for offroad RC’s.

    Better get some engine doin the work fast, than me with a rake working for a month to do the same job. I like that tool!

  2. A tiller + rake is better and safer. This might remove the grass at the surface (and give you a concussion with a flying stone) but how about the grass roots — I’d imagine the grass is growing right back within a week or two.

    I’ve also found RoundUp or other weed killer works pretty well, too.

    Interesting idea, even though it’s just a mower with a bent blade… ;)

  3. @supershwa

    I believe you are right, but im more after a fast solution to the problem, rather than me being perfectionist with a tiller and a rake. It would take me weeks to perfect the track for the first runs, and the Nitro RC season i just started, i dont have time to wait for the track to get done, i just want it done and start racing :P

    Dont mind a few enjuries, i can live with that :D

  4. I did the opposite of this a few years ago – raised the height of the deck on a mower, cut an aperture at the front, shortened the blades, and added some user protection.

    It was for clearing a massively over grown garden. I got bored of using a brush cutter so did this.

    It didn’t work very well – the brambles got caught up on the shaft and it was really dangerous.

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