The Wii Golf Glove

[Shu Uesugi] is filling a controller void that Nintendo has yet to address. He picked up a golf glove from Target and incorporated it into an air guitar interface. Give the video after the break a chance, you’ll start to see the full potential of this build about three and a half minutes into it. Using an Arduino, a Wii nun-chuck, and his flex-senor adorned glove [Shu] can play individual notes, strum cords, and play around with sound effects such as distortion.

So come on Nintendo, the Power Glove was one of your greatest ideas, where’s our 21st century version? I guess we’ll just have to make our own like [Shu] did. Perhaps we’ll even build our flex sensors from scratch.

[Thanks Mark]

14 thoughts on “The Wii Golf Glove

  1. Wow, Shusaku, it is a cool invention! Do you think you can create a piano version? It would be great if you could make a “touch pad” piano on a flexible sheet; something like you can carry as a role in your bag.

  2. @Mike: Actually, Abrams Gentile Entertainment invented the PG (or rather sto- *ahem* /borrowed/ the idea of the “DataGlove” and made it cheaper/crappier) not Nintendo. Nintendo didn’t even manufacture/market it; it was sold by Mattel (U.S.) and PAX (Jpn).

    Research/videogame-trivia fail :P

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