Laser Command Game Uses Laser For Control


[Eliji Hayashi’s] project for a class at Carnegie Mellon University is absolutely delightful! It is a game he calls Laser Command because a laser pointer is used as the gaming controller. An 8×8 LED matrix serves as the display, but is also used as an 8×8 light sensor, much the same way as the LED advent project did. The display is rapidly switched between producing light and sensing it. The laser is bright enough that it becomes easy to pick up the voltage generated within the matrix during the sensing periods. The game is programmed on an Arduino mini and the whole thing wraps up into an incredibly small package. Brilliant.

[Thanks Juan]

31 thoughts on “Laser Command Game Uses Laser For Control

  1. @nebulous You obviously have never been to 4chan before. There is no such thing as a grown up section. Everything is free game. Everyone is a target.

  2. Very awesome.

    The case looks very clean, and I was impressed with the drawing mode, specifically I liked that it gave a small delay once you illuminated an led before locking it in as drawn. This gives you some time to move the laser if you didn’t want to draw there. Very slick.

    As for his voice, yes he has an accent. Get over it, he was perfectly understandable to me.

  3. @ lickmynutsack
    Haven’t been there, no, but I know of it, and thought of it when I read your post and name. Odd, that.

    4chan will never contribute anything that is truly awesome, only stuff that is momentarily fun. It’s guys like the maker of this video who make the internet among the greatest inventions of the 20th century, incredibly thick and amusing accent or no.

    And that’s my internet. The grown-up section. (With an occasional detour to the monkey house)

  4. @nebulous

    “4chan will never contribute anything that is truly awesome, only stuff that is momentarily fun.”

    You do realize that almost any social convention you take part in online. Even on major sites like Digg are solely from 4chan. Even the silly stuff like memes are making appearances on mainstream media. The founder of 4chan even gave a speech at the TED conference this year. Saying that 4chan will never or has never contributed anything awesome is the single dumbest fucking statement anyone could make.

  5. @nebulous

    4chan has even spawned major protests and rallys for important causes and is the single most powerful entity online in the protection of anonymity and free speech. 4chan is to bizarre for me to actively take part in but for christ sake I would never discount the good it has done for your rights and how it has single-handedly modeled the way we all speak and behave online.

  6. who gives a crap about 4chan. this isnt the place to converse about the bowels of the internet.

    i am here to gawk over cool things, and this project has made it happen. Really, really well done device. So simple and so good.

  7. This is so damn slick!

    Very impressed, I can imagine having some kind of laser rifle, and sitting this the other end of a room.
    Maybe not with the falling single pixels, that would be damn hard! But you could have larger targets and time how long it takes to hit them.

    Anyhow, good job!

  8. I recall some episodes of ST:TNG where they go to the phaser range… basically a big dark hemispherical room where they shoot moving lights. Scale this up, and that’s what you get. Could be a very cool game, especially if you were using lasers where you could see the beam.

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