More Glove-based Interfaces

You may remember seeing the golf glove air guitar hack last month. Here’s two more uses for gloves with sensors on them.

On the left is a glove interface with flex sensors on each digit as well as an accelerometer. The VEX module reads the sensors to detect sign language as a command set. A shake of the hand is picked up by an accelerometer to delineate between different command sets. See it controlling a little robot after the break. This comes from [Amnon Demri] who was also involved in the EMG prosthesis.

Straight out of Cornell we have the SudoGlove, seen on the right. [Jeremy Blum] and his fellow engineering students bring together a mess of different sensors, sourcing an Arduino and a XBee module to control a small RC car with added lights and a siren. There’s embedded video after the break. You may want to jump past the music video for the description that starts at about 3:52.

Sign language glove interface

SudoGlove interface

7 thoughts on “More Glove-based Interfaces

  1. Hi,
    I’m a phd student @ University of Bologna (Italy).
    Our Group developed a glove-based wireless interface 2 years ago, equipped with an ATmega8, accelerometer, bend sensors for the fingers and a bluetooth connection to the pc.
    you can find some videos here:

    Now we’ve embedded a similar node in a cube-like tangible interactive device, for tabletop interaction. (tangerine project – )


  2. YT (or my government) sucks. I can’t watch the second video because of some DRM shit my country is blocked. Is there any chance I might watch this video? I can’t even go to the comment page to tell the host that I cant watch it -.-

  3. Hey, I’m sorry you can’t see the video for some reason! Can you tell me what country you are in so I can look into it? If you give me your youtube username, I can try to share a version with you privately through my other channel.


  4. Hi I’m new in electronics, I just wanted to know wich arduino he’e using, I know it is an arduino mini pro, I just don’t know which it is from the 3 versions on the sparkfun site. Thank You

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