Color A Sound


This is an interesting take on a music box. [Blair Neal] is using an overhead projector with a roll of transparency to make a synthesized music box. A camera watches the projected image and feeds data to Max/MSP to produce the sounds. Customization merely requires creative image analysis. In this case, different colored pens or different tracks can be assigned to a sound with the speed of the track based on how fast you wind the transparency spool.

8 thoughts on “Color A Sound

  1. The music is absolutely horrible, but the idea itself and the project is really a neat idea. The man operating the machine looks like he is having some flash backs from childhood, and its kind of freaking me out…

  2. Old tech. the design is the same as how we used to detect pins in a bowling alley. simply sample a single line of video and detect from that.

    I could detect every pin in 2 alleys at a time with a singel video camera. there is a spot on the lane where all 10 pins are visible. put camera there, you now can easily spot them.

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