Shredding To Street Fighter

Strumming to punch and changing frets to move, [Alan Chatham] plays Street Fighter using his guitar. It’s been modified to use OpenChord, an open source guitar controller package he developed. This was originally meant to be used with Guitar Hero and the like but as he mentions in the video after the break, it is open source so you can do whatever you want with it. In this case, he’s patched into a PS3, showing yet another way to use your own hardware on that console. Unlike alternative guitar-like interfaces you won’t have to relearn how to play. You just need to adapt your favorite songs to fall in line with butt-kicking controller combos. For the adventurous you can build your own but [Alan’s] got kits available too.[youtube=]

14 thoughts on “Shredding To Street Fighter

  1. Wiring to the strings and using them like switches seems pretty sloppy to me. Why not just use an ADC plugged into the regular audio output to generate button pressed related to musical note frequency?

  2. @ Steve “Seems clunky, not exactly “shredding”.”

    Much as any of our first steps into something new / unconventional? Do tell since you seem to be the expert on what is and isn’t “shredding”, are you Steve as in Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Steve Clark… or just random flamer Steve? TROLLON!

    Can’t wait to see your first StreetFighter power ballad man! Rock On!

  3. I have that Star Wars poster that he has in the background, slightly irrelevant, but interesting to me. It’s probably not the best way to play street fighter, but using a guitar as an input device kicks arse. I can imagine using a guitar as a keyboard, where different notes correspond to different letters. I may try that with my synth actually.

  4. Great! This is better when Guitar Hero, Band Hero, DJ Hero, and Rock Band would be used. I think OpenChord can be modified to detect the tune of the voice of every instrument to create the proper beat.

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