DUO 128 Elite, 4 Bit CPU

We’re not sure how we missed [Jack Eisenmann’s] 4 bit TTL CPU when we were tipped off the first time, but we’re glad it was sent in again for us to feature it.

41 different ICs (mostly TTL) come together to comprise the DUO 128 Elite. While the architecture is a little different than what we’ve seen before, using “nyckles”, the DUO 128 Elite still works perfectly. Catch a video of some example programs, including pong, after the divide.

[Thanks Marc G-C]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IxWSvlcP3c%5D

36 thoughts on “DUO 128 Elite, 4 Bit CPU

  1. This is very awesome. Seriously. Mr. T. Geek Props. Kick Ass. Chuck Norrisy. Fricking hell yes. You have got to tip your hat to someone who just uses TTL. Of course, this is not going to do much, but you did build it, and it does do something. More than I have done. I would hate to do an encryption program on one of those.

  2. Well, this is by far more “handwork” than us building our custom 8-bit processor on a FPGA, but I’d rather use programmable logic instead to achieve something bigger.

    Nonetheless, he got ballz to wire up all that stuff.

  3. I like this project. While the wire wrap one posted a while back was interesting this one has a much better interface and more in-depth explanation of construction.

  4. Yes, but does it run Linux >=)

    I have to say this is a very interesting project, and the only thing keeping me from doing something similar is the whole complexity of the wirewrapping or pcb design. But then again, I might finally have some spare time in the future to work out my ideas of a device like this.

  5. @cannonface

    Care to post a video of a CPU that you’ve designed directly from brain to PCB without any type of prototyping stage? Oh, you don’t have one? That’s a shame…


    Most of the logic he’s used is CMOS.. he’s used 74AC and 74HC series, there’s maybe one or two HCT (TTL compatible CMOS) gates in there.. IMHO it’s better to describe this as being built from 74 series logic rather than “TTL” logic.

    — other than that.

    Nice work

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