IPad Hacked To Include A Verizon MiFi

Finally, some hardware hacking on an iPad.  Finding the 3G connection that came with the iPad lacking, this industrious hacker yanked it out and replaced it with the guts from a MiFi. At the cost of his GPS, he’s gained a better connection and is now a wifi hotspot. It wasn’t horribly complex, but he did have to do a tiny bit more than just plug and play.

[thanks Smilr]

25 thoughts on “IPad Hacked To Include A Verizon MiFi

  1. At long last is right. Does anybody know if there is a hack out there to upgrade a non-3g ipad with a 3g module? Im sure someone out there must have givern it a try instead of paying apple the extra $200.

  2. So, he has taken out the 3G board, lost GPS and audio quality to fit the internals of a mifi into it. What is wrong with keeping the 3G board, sat nav and sound quality, keep the mifi in his pocket (they aren’t big) and connecting to it through the wifi.

    Would have taken 30 seconds and not disabled anything on the iPad. Smells like a fail to me.

  3. He mentions in his build log that the reason he chose the 3G iPad also included the fact that it has the plastic antenna knockout on the back, reception would have been much worse with a regular iPad’s full metal back.

  4. @zzz: No, it does. This is MiFi. The device communicates with Verizon’s cellular network (they call it 4G now, right?) and creates a small WiFi hotspot. This internal hotspot is what the iPad connects to. The 3G iPad connects to AT&T’s 3G network (which is…lacking) or a WiFi network.

    You know….. wireless communication between components in a device seems kindof inefficient, doesn’t it? Then again, the alternative could be really complicated. Also, I didn’t think about the part where it also shares the network.

    It sure would suck if Verizon stopped supporting his MiFi device, though!

  5. Dudes!, This modder freakin’ RULES!! But the name should be >>> MyFiPad! A VERIZON CONNECTED IPAD THAT’S ALSO A WIFI HOTSPOT?! FREAKIN’ MIND BLOWING!! IF U ARE READING THIS, SUPERMODDER, EMAIL ME SO WE CAN TURN YOUR MODDING EFFORTS INTO A $$$$ BUSINESS SELLING THESE MyFiPads, at least until Verizon sells iPads, if ever! (I will be your first adoring customer!!) Screw the warranty and GPS. Modders don’t need no stinkin’ GPS! And when Verizon moves to LTE and the next iPad has a 2GHz A5 Apple chip, we can make/sell 4G MyFiPads!!!!!!! -holycat

  6. @turbodude

    If I am not mistaken, most of these cellular cards interface to the host using the USB interface pins in the Mini-PCI slot, and not the actual PCI-E signals, themselves. I think this would appear to the system the same as any generic USB serial communication device would…

  7. This is a GREAT idea.
    Not everyone has AT&T nor wants it. If he already has Verizon, then he can get a discount on the MyFi unit for service. Plus Verizon has far better coverage and speeds than AT&T. Also nobody has realized that not everywhere has WIFI signal, so as long as he has VZW’s signal, he can use it.

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