Mushroom Terrarium Automation


Like many specialty plants, growing mushrooms requires that you keep a fine balance between humidity and temperature. this can be fairly tedious at times, so many opt for automated systems. [Anthony_p1234] has chosen to build his own.  Using an Arduino, he controls power to two heating pads, a sonic humidifier, and an air pump to keep his mushrooms happy. He shares the process of building the system, testing and calibrating the parts and putting it all in use. We didn’t see any schematics, but he does describe everything fairly well. The source code is available for download.

22 thoughts on “Mushroom Terrarium Automation

  1. Holy hell, I’m working on a setup that’s damn near IDENTICAL to his (minus the Aussie plugs, I’m from the US).

    I’m also trying to interface the Arduino with my ioBridge so it can send me emails when something goes wrong/be controlled via the web.

    I’m pretty stoked he’s using the same CO2 sensor as me, his code will definitely help me along my way. :-D

    1. @cam,
      nobody said they were plants, but I see where you got that idea. The thought was, that the mushrooms required extra effort, unlike common plants.

      @the goofy mushroom responses,
      he’s growing oyster mushrooms and shitaake.

  2. @Caleb: I read the ‘ible too and saw he was growing food variety of mushrooms.. but I wonder what are the chances of you getting busted for “paraphernalia” for having such an elaborate setup for growing mushrooms indoors. A still can be illegal even if you aren’t moonshining with it- I’d print out the wikipedia article on shiitake and stick it up above the thing just in case :)

    1. Legally you are fine to have plant and mushroom gardens. However there may be issues with certain cultivars due to national, state or local laws. On the otherhand distilling any type of alcohol for any purpose wiithout a permit is illegal. I know where you are going with this, cops were busting people with hydrophonics and planting the pot after the busts came up flat. I suppose politics is another forum but this project is pretty cool and 100% legal in USA.

  3. “IT’S YOU’RE, NOT YOUR. Holy hell, man. If you can’t make the differentiation, then you are not a geek, nerd, nor hacker. You are a nub Gah!”

    dont care, too busy learning electronics, not becoming an author, nor a reporter


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