4-player SNES And More

[Mr.X] added support for four controllers to his Super Nintendo (Google translated) by internalizing the multi-player adapter. In the video after the break you’ll notice that he also added some bling to the case by positioning the power LED beneath the logo and adding a two-digit display. There is a switch on the back that allows him to choose PAL or NTSC standards with the current setting shown on that display. While most people are going with emulators, [Mr.X] ended up with a custom piece of hardware with a clean finish.


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  1. @Brennen:

    Either that comment is painfully mundane or atrociously ignorant. Anyone with the skills for this hack is not the 8 year-old playing SNES in their parents basement, but has a social life. Half of any joy that can come from playing SNES today is from 4 player games. Superbomber man is a blast, NBA Jam is being remade for a reason, and one cannot talk about the SNES without mentioning its RPG’s, so try 3 player Secret of Mana out.

    If those three aren’t reason enough to add a multitap inside the console, here are 110 more:

  2. @Ramon

    Take a chill pill dude. And if you’re going to call someone atrociously ignorant, at least spell their name right.

    Sorry, but “Madden NFL ’94: Port 2
    Madden NFL ’95: Port 2
    Madden NFL ’96: Port 2
    Madden NFL ’97: Port 2
    Madden NFL ’98: Port 2” is not 5 games. It’s one game with different rosters. That list is basically just long-outdated sports games with a few decent ones thrown in. OK, so you want to play bomberman and apparently have 3 friends who share your 4-player bomberman fetish? Why not go for broke and play Saturn Bomberman, the [arguably] best bomberman game ever created, and while you’re at it, go ahead and invite 6 more friends, because it supports no less than 10 players. And it’s still a vintage game so your geek cred won’t take a hit, AND you don’t have to read through 42 pages of junk in another language just to do it.

  3. Really? no one is going to point this out? guess it’s gonna have to be me then. the snes has a port on the back for an adapter to plug in two additional controllers, it already supports 4 players. you could probably find this at a pawn shop or online.

  4. i got my hands on a broken laptop for 5 bucks, had been dropped veryhard. some reed switch was closed by the impact, acted as a kill switch.. i had it working as a laptop, with the use of lots of tape (hinges were destroyed). then i took it apart again and the stupid brown connector for touchpad broke the rest of the way, rendering it useless. (it was all fractured in the first place from the impact). so i had a 2ghz p4 with 512mb ram and a 30tb hard drive for 5 bucks. wouldnt boot from usb. maybe after a firmware update, but i said F that until the hard drive goes. wiped the HD, installed XPPE, added Atari, GBA, NES, SNES, GENS, N64, and MAME, complete with Marvel Vs Capcom, but lacking Marvel vs Capcom 2 until i find whatever it needs to run. prob. another bios like mvsc1 needed.. short circuited the screen lol the backlight doesnt power on until i bridge two points on the board, which i would do if i had a finer tipped soldering iron. so i removed the LCD. removed the battery because it didnt power on with it in, even while plugged in. (i had a 12v power adapter and no idea what it went to, the laptop uses 19v but they didnt give me a powersource so i had to use what i had lying around) also removed the touchpad. then i gave it to my cuz because his NES doesn’t work worth a damn. removing the screen wasnt a bad idea bc it is way better on the HDTV plus it has yellow RCA out which is not worth using bc that shit is blurry, but yea.. $5 into a very thin pc running xp (performance edition) over 9000 roms and plenty of room to spare, plus it haz cd burner and floppy drive. it is very ghetto. at least i didn’t break the keyboard. then i threw in 2 usb extension cords from dollar tree lol. because they really don’t suck for a dollar, as opposed to their headphones.

  5. I think what jeditalian is trying to say is that emulation is the way to go.

    jeditalian, I think that in addition to some breaks in your text, you are also missing the point.

    While you can set up 4 player games on a computer running an emulator, THIS project was about modifying the actual console itself.

  6. fair enough, i hadn’t used the multitap in forever(it was at a friends house) so i didn’t remember quite where it went, there are some ports on the back of mine as well as the bottom that didn’t seem to go anywhere so i assumed that was what they were for. my point though is this seems like a lot of extra effort for the same result, bling aside. also does anyone know what emulater to use for multi player games? i currently use znes but multi player doesn’t seem to work and there are no instructions.

  7. also, i do have the brick shaped snes, it has some ports that that one doesn’t have, the one on the back is labeled multi out and the one on the bottom is labeled ext.

  8. Snes9x has multitap support, and the only 8 player game, N-warp daisakusen was designed for bsnes, give those a try. Personally I don’t have 3+ player experience with either, but I know it is possible

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