Tethering The Samsung Vibrant Without Rooting

If you’ve got a Samsung Vibrant and want to take advantage of that unlimted 3G account you can tether without rooting the phone. This method uses a USB cable to provide internet access to Windows XP and Windows 7 computers. Samsung’s own Kies software handles the tethering, as long as you have the magic number to get connected on T-Mobile USA networks; ‘epc.tmobile.com’ for the APN name and ‘*99#’ as the phone number. [Zedomax] made the video after the break which takes you through the tethering ritual.


[Photo credit: Tnkgrl]

12 thoughts on “Tethering The Samsung Vibrant Without Rooting

  1. @sixx That is a galaxy S, just the tmobs-branded version. AT&T has the captivate and Sprint has the epig 4g.

    @naturetm it does from that angle, but looks completely different head-on

    @someone PDAnet is a POS. It’s all about FroYo, usb and wifi tethering 4 all!

    My question is, what’s so bad about rooting? It doesn’t break the warranty, you get so many cool features…I can’t even think of a downside…

    It’s still all about the Nexus XD

  2. I have confirmed what “rockjock” stated. Doesn’t work anymore since the ota update. T-Mobile killed it. Just switched from AT&T and it doesn’t look like they are any less stingy when it comes to broadband sharing.

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