Giant Insect Rover Works For Us


ATHLETE, or the All Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra Terrestrial Explorer, looks pretty cool. This Hexapod is actually a pair of 3 legged robots that have joined together to haul some cargo off the top of stationary module. While this time-lapse shows it going pretty slowly, you get a hint at the end that it isn’t required to be quite so lethargic. One of the really cool things about this robot is the fact that the legs are multi purpose. It has a “tool belt” from which it can pull different attachments for its feet. There are many more videos available on their site.

[via BotJunkie]

14 thoughts on “Giant Insect Rover Works For Us

  1. Looking at the speed of cloud movement relative to apprent robot speed, it would appear that the time lapse isn’t of uniform speed. I’m pretty sure the faster bits at the end are simply sped up more than the rest.
    Correct me if I’m being thick here of course.

  2. – Moon Base to Houston, Moon Base to Houston…
    – Houston here. Go ahead Moon Base.
    – How to say that.. hugh… That six legged insect robot that we deployed yesterday? Well it fell on its side… Copy.
    – Copy that Moon Base.
    – What do we do? Copy.
    – Have you tried using the girafe-shaped robot to lift it? Copy.

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