Electric Motorcycle Rocks One Wheel

We had to call it an electric motorcycle in the title because electric unicycle just sounds lame. But the video after the break shows you that this prototype is anything but lame. It takes minimalism to the extreme when you’re talking about powered transportation. The self-balancer is reminiscent of a Segway but the rider sits astride one wheel rather than the standing form-factor that [the Woz] loves so much for gaming. Looks like Ryno Motors is trying to gather capital to put these into production. We’re not going to hold our breath until we see them in the wild, but we’d be surprised if they don’t pop up on the big screen at some point in the near future.


60 thoughts on “Electric Motorcycle Rocks One Wheel

  1. Notice that his feet are below the level of the axle, there is a kind of unicyle called a bc wheel that is kind of like this it’s pedals freewheel on the axle. its hard to learn, i tried once. totaly diferent from a real unicycle.

  2. Hmm Well its a nice build but I bet its a pain in the ass to lean into a turn with that flat shaped tire. It would benefit from a nice round crotch rocket type tire that way you can pivot on it.

  3. “”Twisting to turn that could lead to long term issues with your lower back””

    I’ll put money on the fact that thats far less likely to do damage to your back than the complete lack of exercise exhibited by the vast majority of the western world.

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