Another Home-built Laser Projector

[Jarrod] sent us a link to this home-built laser projector after seeing a different projector that we featured yesterday. This system is fundamentally different. [ChaN], who finished the project several years ago, didn’t use a loudspeaker to move the mirrors, but instead build his own closed-loop Galvanometers. Two of these are controlled by an ATmega64 to produce incredibly clean and accurate vector images. It’s not just the images that are impressive, his hardware is laid-out with skill and forethought that make hiding it in a case a sacrilege.

21 thoughts on “Another Home-built Laser Projector

  1. just the thing for projecting targeted ads onto convenient walls…

    bonus if it autodetects via bluetooth the type of phone they are carrying and then displays accessories and applications for it..

  2. I saw this build years ago. Perhaps because its dated Oct 2004 :)

    If your interested in scanning my suggestion is get a cheap closed loop set off ebay. PS and all. Unless you have a scope and alot of time these are quite tricky to get right. And by that I mean scanning with nice sharp corners, etc. Kudos to this guy but for all the hassle, etc i’d just buy a set off ebay. Checkout General Scanning (G120’s) and Cambridge (6000 series) as they are the two big galvanometer manufacturers (or they were 10 years ago).

  3. @Brian Recchia: There is a feature of DOS Mame which supports vector displays via the Zektor adapter. Might possibly be used with this so long as the frame rate is not too high. Games designed for the Vectrex would probably work ok.

    The performance is all the more impressive given he went for a moving iron design over a moving coil. I like that this decision was well reasoned too, and the homebrewed capacitative positional feedback is awesome.

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