LED Suit Lights Up The Night

When the tipline popped up with this LED suit, part two, by [Marc DeVidts] we were expecing a simple led version of the previously known EL coat.

Well we were right and wrong in the same instance. Correct in that like predictions, the outcome is stonking great. Wrong in that this suit far outpaces EL in abilities we weren’t expecting. Namely to start off, an iPhone app over WiFi dictates to some 200 Arduino multiplexed RGB LED modules to dance randomly or follow patterns; an accelerometer and microphone are also implanted to further some effects. And finally if the suit isn’t enough to make you giddy, his PCB and enclosure milling surely will. Catch a video of the entire setup after the break.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZSldyNCI10%5D

30 thoughts on “LED Suit Lights Up The Night

  1. LED suit doesnt do this justice. Nice work man. I usually cringe when i see headlines with LED XXX but this is really cool.

    I would probably put a bandpass the mic , and then have the suit act as a visual eq. Legs light for bass , arms for those nice highs. etc.

  2. seriously?
    are you guys serious?
    this is the worst thing i have ever seen.
    there are ways to make yourself look like an absolute retard that cost way less than $640.
    Check out the ugly nixie watch its only $380 for example.
    Oh wait he used an iPad? im sold that makes it awesome. oh no wait its still fully retarded.
    I am astonished anyone would think this is a good thing.

  3. @pff, your just jealous. You know you want one!

    I’ll take two!

    Are the leds only in the front? I like the idea of leds going to the “groin mode”.

    How about “beeting heart mode”

  4. If this sort of effect could be achieved in a much “less bright” way (and presumably on a black base suit?) – then if you could hook up a camera attached to your ass, this could be a reasonably good first attempt at a camoflage suit.

  5. First off,
    Awesome project! Fully geekified for your pleasure.

    HAD authors/editors, please, for the love of all that is holy and good, SPELL CHECK!

    (quote)When the tipline popped up with this LED suit, part two, by [Marc DeVidts] we were expecing a simple led version of the previously known EL coat.(/quote)

    How about “expecTing”

  6. These things are cool but always are way WAY too delicate. I wonder why they did not use conductive thread instead of running stiff wires everywhere. this thing the way it’s built will have dead “pixels” within 5 hours of a Burning Man night party. The other problem is the material chosen will cause heat issues as it’s basically long underwear to be worn under something else. On a summer night at 80 degrees you will be dying in your party clothes.

    2.0 needs to be done with conductive thread, on a mesh bodysuit or coolmax wicking underwear. Couple this with the Daft Punk helmet and you will be the Shiznat on the Fahizzle! Damn that’s stupid-fly!

  7. I’ve always wanted to make something like this, except all the LEDs would be inside the cloth and IR. Nobody else would be able to notice it, but digital cameras would be blinded. Or maybe have a hat and make an IR halo inside it…really freak people out if they take a picture of you ;)

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