We didn’t believe this hack at all when we saw it, or rather heard it. Surly a guitar made out of a shovel couldn’t sound decent. But the video (after the jump, skip to 2:40 for the jam) to our untrained ears sounded pretty rad. Could be the supremely well done wood work, proper use of tools, high tech pickups, or maybe Russian magic, we don’t know.

In fact, if you continue the video it doesn’t stop there. The creators also made a 2 string bass and a few other instruments from shovels. Do I smell a new shovel hero?

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[Thanks Paul]


53 thoughts on “Shovel…guitar?

  1. Umm, maybe it’s a translation thing, but I think it would have been cool to use an axe. I guess it’s easier to mount the hardware on a shovel.
    I think in electric guitars with coil, as opposed to piezo, pickups, the guitar body only subtly affects sound.

  2. yeah would have liked to hear the clean tone
    lol yeah 5 strings…
    looked like he had a 2 string bass too

    i think i saw something on jay leno one time where a guy made an instrument using a snow shovel that sounded pretty good but more like a sitar

  3. The band “Red Mold” was a really big influence in my late childhood. Their songs were full of alcohol references, swearing and other crazy stuff that make it so appealing for a teenager in Soviet Russia…

    Video is obviously a joke, but the guitar is real, and will probably end up being played at one of their concerts. But anyway, Красная Плесень на моём hack-a-day??

    Regards from Soviet Russia, where comment posts you!

  4. Easily EA-SI-LY at least 28 distinctly classifiable varieties of WIN here.

    The video? Well I for one will be talking like that guy for at least a week. I sure can’t play that well.


  5. Ha, ha, this guy is a comedy and musical genius, and the whole thing is part parody of rock-musicians and part advertisement for his(?) concerts :) Learn some Russian, and you will have a great laugh.

  6. This is russian Punk Rock group “Krasnaya Plesen”
    The 1st voice and “annoying translator” is actually the same guy who makes the guitar.
    They dont really translate any other language. This is imitation of cheap translated Hollywood movies during soviet time.
    They do parody on everything.

  7. As someone who has built a couple of guitars, I can say that, unless something was just glossed over, this guitar is either going to have tuning issues or the frets are going to fall out. If you can just press the frets into the slots like that, you’re not doing it right. You should either be using a fret press or a fretting hammer. (I suppose you could slide them in from the side like Fender used to do, as well)

    As for the 5 string thing, I’m not sure which would have been omitted. My guess is the high E, given the type of things that were played in the video.

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