Self-balancing Unicycle 2.0

Focus Designs has a new version of their self-balancing unicycle for sale. This improves upon their original design in several ways. The battery pack has moved to LiFePO4, which is becoming more common in electric transportation. There’s also regenerative braking and fall protection which kills the motor when you fall off.

We’ve embedded their marketing video after the break. Our favorite part is the shot seen above: a guy on the unicycle cruising along next to a woman who is running. There’s nothing like sitting on your bum while some else exercises.

At any rate, from what we see in the video they’ve turned out a solid product.


21 thoughts on “Self-balancing Unicycle 2.0

  1. I wonder how the unicycle comes to a stop? At the speed shown in the video, I suppose it needs a stopping distance of several feet? Especially since there is nothing to hold on to?

  2. After seeing the vid, I gotta say its pretty neat, kinda want to ride up next to some of the unicycle nerds we have on campus. Definitely get more ladies sitting looking calm cool and collected than that awkward pelvic gyrating that unicyclists have to do in order to peddle, make it a uni-barstool and I would consider buying one! =)

  3. woot! go Washington!! :D

    I can actually picture everyone using one of these in the next seven years, especially if it could be solar-powered.

    Also, “You could use it as a bar stool that takes you home! -ben” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Unicyclists don’t “wipeout” – they have unplanned dismounts!

    Also, I wouldn’t sell this as an piece of exercise equipment but unicycling, powered or not, will is a good core workout for a couch potato.

    Last, to stop a unicycle, you push the wheel in front of the center of gravity and balance. When you try to stop one like a bicyclem the rider simply continues forward!

  5. Still haven’t fixed the greatest technical diffuculty with these self – balancing transport doohickeys: the fact that the user always looks like a total dweeb.

    They need to give the rider something to do with their hands.

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