Stupid Friggin’ Robots


Some robots aspire to greatness, revolutionizing our humanoid behaviour in ways we struggle to understand. They have traveled in space, photographing the stars like celestial paparazzi or snatching Martians up like interplanetary bed intruders. Some robots are happy to perform their everyday functions with dignity and grace, scrubbing our floors and thanking us for recycling.

It may seem that every robot has a calling that–whether grandiose or humble–makes it a valuable part of our society. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some robots use our hard-earned energy resources to no good use, lazing around without a useful function, drinking flux and tonic all night while watching reruns of Lost in Space. They are stupid robots.

Many humans look upon such pitiful automatons as nothing more than flotsam in the whitewater rapids of human achievement, but the more empathetic among us are ready to celebrate the unique uselessness of stupid robots in grand style. Enter Bacarobo (translated), the premier event showcasing the quirkiest and most amusingly useless robots of our time.

This year the contest was held at the end of October, and the entrants were hilarious to say the least. The dancing olé-bot drew much applause, while the shivering toque robots wooed the crowd in a desperate attempt to escape their frigid prison. It will be fun to see whether any stupidly adorable robot designs will come out of our own Santa-bot competition, considering the source material. If you’ve ever built a stupid or useless robot (accidentally or not) please share your story in the comments. Sometimes the most endearing things about our technology are the parts that don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Friggin’ Robots

  1. Stupid robots I can agree with, but useless is difficult to accept. I remember the little tin(yes tin) toy robots that I got for presents as a child. They did nothing productive, ate mercury laden batteries like lemon drops and simply caroused around the floor occasionally popping their little plastic spark wheel ray guns out of their chest to shoot at imaginary enemies. They did entertain however, and they inspired. By 8 or 9 I was working on my first robotic hand driven by a windshield wiper motor. Nothing world shattering but it did function. If it does nothing more than entertain or provide amusement for a second or two then it has done more than many humans I have known and proven itself more useful. IMHO Medodan

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