Lessons In Electric Circuits

Are you looking for a good source of information to get started into making and hacking electric circuits? We would like to refer you to Lessons in Electric Circuits. Even if you have good knowledge of electronics, this is another tool you can use. The book is a work in progress and will have some incomplete and pending areas, but the basic theory parts to get started are all there. It has six volumes: DC, AC, Semiconductors, Digital, Reference, and Experiments. The DC and AC volumes are the most complete. If your eyes are already glazing over thinking you already know all of this stuff, then the most interesting volume for you may be the Experiments, which contains a number of sample circuits like transistor amplifiers and 555 timer circuits. The best part of this book it that it is free, but as with most free things, you can make it better by contributing.

Via Adafruit Industries.

19 thoughts on “Lessons In Electric Circuits

  1. @Whoever, I really didn’t pay attention to them until biozz mentioned it Understanding rarely do technical books use art on the cover for the sake of pretty art, I took a second look. The first 2 volumes are obvious. A 1 line road for DC, a 2 lane road for AC. The others are bit more subtle.

    The ebooks are an excellent resource. I recommend them along with the the USN Naval Electricity Electronic Training Series. In that NEETS is not readily available for download anymore, those may get the nod more. http://www.falstad.com/circuit/ like older technology animations, and just plain old building circuits and measuring the results, does support text books. However INO with out textbooks animations alone lead some to come up with some strange unsupported conclusion. Except for those animations that include that theory in the video, something the java does not included. Thanks for pointing us to this Devlin.

  2. does a good forum exist for chatting about projects. from time to time, I’d like to bounce my ideas off of some other electronics peeps. would also come in handy when I am deep into a project and hit a wall.

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