Phillip Torrone answers your questions

September 5th, 2004, [Phillip Torrone] posts the very first article on a new site called He designed our logo, forged our identity, and then moved on to help shape many other hacker friendly groups including Make magazine, and Adafruit technologies.

We’re going to be interviewing him once we’ve compiled a decent list of questions. We’ve got a few of our own, but we really want to get yours to him. Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll compile the most popular to send along.

[image via Wired]

71 thoughts on “Phillip Torrone answers your questions

  1. I wonder what he thinks of the various sites he helped start, and the differences between them. More specifically, their commenter communities. The differences between the commenters here and at are striking.

  2. “Other hacker friendly groups”

    …Less than 5% of the stuff *linked* to on this site would classify as a “hack”. This site caters to wannabes who like reading about what other people have done (and provided step-by-step instructions to duplicate their work). Following someone else’s footsteps does not make you a hacker.

    I am in a computer lab in the engineering building for my school. I just got razzed by 3 different people for having this “nub” site up on one of my monitors. These kids aren’t even engineers, yet they already know what fail this site can be.

    I’m all for spreading the word on cool projects, but articles like this annoy the hell outta me. Virtually nothing posted here is done by anyone associated with HaD. This is nothign more than a blog that posts random links to random projects. Figure it out.

    /embarassed for being caught reading HaD

  3. @Robert and Samuel:
    I think they very well be dating although I’ve never asked PT when I see him. I got curious so I searched and found this evidence.

    Also, this picture of Limor I came across in the search from around 03-04 was just too adorable to pass up. (Sorry if it embeds and doesn’t just post a link. If it does, can a moderator correct it?).

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