Versaloon Ported To STM8 And STM32 Discovery Boards

[Bingo] did some work porting Versaloon for STM8 and STM32 discovery boards. Versaloon is a multiple-architecture programmer that we saw a few weeks back. At its center is an STM32 microprocessor, which greatly simplifies the work necessary to use the two discovery boards instead. Flashing the firmware to the boards will zap the ST-link firmware and [Bingo] doesn’t know of a way to restore that so be warned. This hack is still pretty fresh off the bench, but so far it looks like vsprog and OpenOCD both work just fine with the new hardware.

11 thoughts on “Versaloon Ported To STM8 And STM32 Discovery Boards

  1. just to inform an opensource stlink like
    standalone software to program the discovery
    kit is on its way. It is a bit crapy yet (you
    will have to look inside the source), but it
    support both flash and RAM programming plus
    some other features.

    initial project:
    git repo: git://


    There’s another “proof-of-concept” DFU firmware updater here, if you don’t have another ST-Discovery laying around:

    I’ve been reverse engineering the DFU interface for some time, and I think this should be it. Full source is included of course, but I don’t include STLinkUSBDriver.dll, because I don’t know the legal implications of this. If you need it I guess I can send it to you, but otherwise just get it from the “ST-Link firmware update utility”

    Again, this has not actually been tested, since I’m still waiting for a versaloon firmware that has bootloader capability :)

  3. Additionally, it should be possible to extract the original firmware v1.01 from the firmware update utility, if anyone wants it

    Again, it’s AES-128 encrypted(for some weird reason). But I’ve found the offset and size, if anyone would be interested in going back to using only two broken programs to flash their programs onto this nice chip :)

  4. I bought a couple of these boards awhile back; programming them didn’t seem like the issue, it was more the absentee tool chain… is there a way to compile code for these POS’ yet?

  5. Sorry the url to the first thread is this one
    Containing links to the current firmware for the STM32VL , STM8S and for building OpenOCD.

    The bootloader url: Includes bootloader (maple clone) binary + patch against the maple bootloader & Versaloon firmware adapted to work with the bootloader, for the STM32VL. I didn’t have the time to adapt the STM8-S Versaloon firmware for the bootloader yet.


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