Home Built Revolving Shotgun

Sometimes, you just need more ammo available. In this weapon mod, the chamber of a 12 gauge shotgun, a hammer from an 1857 Remington Perc Revolver, and other parts from an Italian auto shotgun were all combined to make this happen. The gun is of questionable legality depending on what state or country it resides in. Don’t quote us on it, but the members of the forum seem to think it should be fine anywhere in the US but California. Slightly more practical than other shotgun mods we have seen, the inventor has been kind enough to share some stills of the inner mechanisms to see how this gun ticks.

[via Neatorama]

61 thoughts on “Home Built Revolving Shotgun

  1. wn7ant: do revolvers come in double-action now? I’m not up on the latest revolver scene, but I thought they were mostly (if not exclusively) single-action.

    (For those not familiar with what that means: a double-action weapon uses the force from the trigger pull to cock the hammer. A single-action weapon must be manually cocked first and on misfires.)

  2. Absolutely there are double-action revolvers, have been for years. Before semiautomatics became as reliable as they are now, double-action revolvers were the weapon of choice for police departments. The .38 police special has been in use since the 20s.

  3. I am the maker of the revolving shotgun. I made a DVD record of complete mfgr. Added info: I have fired about 150 round in it. I hunt on my 50 acres of rough rural land, hunting for rabbits, coyotes, snakes, various varmints. Original posting is on homegunsmith.com I sent a letter to BATF asking for a ruling months ago, giving details and pix, so far no reply. Thanks for your attention. rhmc24

  4. I do not see a partial use for a 12 gauge revolver shotgun. I would think a pump action 12 gauge would be a better shotgun. It’s not a hand gun so the use of a revolver cylinder would be impartial. if the cut down the stock or barrel then it probably would be illegal. S&W makes a 410 handgun.

  5. Beautiful.

    This looks to be simpler than a pump shotgun to operate, but more capacity (and easier to calibrate?) than a double. Looks like it would be good for situations where you don’t need finesse, but need it to WORK and hold more than two shells.

    Dunno about the blowby, apparently it was the main reason revolving longarms weren’t that popular; but modern metalworking might mitigate that slightly.
    That and loose-powder ammunition cooking off and blowing the forward arm of;, but that isn’t a problem anymore.

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