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[Jeri Ellsworth] recently released another video in her “A-Z of Electronics” series – this time Capacitors are the subject. As a penance for my boneheaded AC Capacitor suggestion yesterday (I swear it was lack of sleep talking), [Caleb] suggested that I be the one to write this article. Since I’m not an electrical engineer (I majored in Comp Sci), I enjoy watching these videos, and I share them with individuals who are new to electronics. [Jeri] always presents the subject matter in a clear and concise manner, so the subjects do not seem daunting or intimidating.

She briefly discusses the early development of capacitors, including Leyden Jars, then focuses on modern capacitors and their usage. She covers wiring capacitors in circuits, demonstrating the difference between series and parallel configurations, as well as how electrode distance affects capacitance.

If you have a spare minute, be sure to check out her current video as well as those she has previously released.

15 thoughts on “A-Z Of Electronics – Capacitors

  1. i wish we had Jeri’s videos when i was in school. Bill Nye isn’t really that informative.
    Her videos could make good replacement material for the dumbshit they make kids watch in college nowadays too.. but i think if i would have seen all this growing up, before i ate all those lead pellets and paint chips, the world would have seen some technological advances, we might all be engulfed in a free sea of wiFi, where people can use their skype phones, messengers, etc. freely, until THE MAN steps in, that is..

  2. As non-electronic person just following it for the pretty pictures and Youtube videos, I must say that those videos are pretty helpful (even started to try making my own fan-controller).

  3. she already taught us how to make the point-contact transistor.. i think diodes were explained there, but if there were a JeriVid for every individual component, i would watch them and hopefully achieve 1% of her genius.

  4. Cool videos. I thought I recognized her from somewhere – Ben Heck is competing with her on making pinball machines. Apparently she’s going to be on the next episode of his web show.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed with this video.

    Though the historical part of the video was cutsey and everything, the actual practical electronics parts are rushed through WAY too fast.

    It’s like she’s reading out of a textbook and wants to get through the chapter on capacitors as soon as she possibly can.

    Though informative, you could have probably gotten the same information from a Wikipedia article.

    This is not a very good method of teaching.

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