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[societyofrobots] recently posted an Instructable on how to build a voice controlled robot in just a few hours time. This robot isn’t particularly cheap, weighing in at about $230, but it is a fun project if you have the means. The bot is driven around by a pair of servos, taking their directions from an Axon II MCU. A VRbot voice recognition module is used to listen for commands, enabling the user to record up to 32 custom triggers for directing the robot.

All of the source code for the robot is included, as well as instructions on how to get started programing the microcontroller. The code provides some basic functionality, but there’s likely plenty more that can be done with the powerful on-board ATmega460. While this robot would make for a great beginner/intermediate project as-is, it should be noted that [societyofrobots] manufactures and sells the Axon II, so this Instructable is half guide/half self-promotion. Have any of you had experience with the Axon II? Let us know what you think.

Keep reading to see a video of the build process as well as the robot doing its thing.

Thanks, [Bill Porter].


13 thoughts on “Voice-controlled Rolling Robot

  1. I voice-controlled an RC car once. Cut a hole in the roof, sat my N95 in it broadcasting video over wifi, and hooked the controller up to the PC through a USB interface. It was controllable via keyboard (watching video feed from the phone) as well as by voice, and the whole thing was coded in C#. The voice recognition worked fine for pre-defined commands, but in this role, voice control was unworkable. It crashed waaay too much.

  2. @bill, i was just going to say, isn’t that labview! ;)

    I almost want to start posting labview duplicates of all HAD posts that i can. To show how easy it is to create things with labview.

    anyways, neat voice control.

  3. i would like to know whether i can use any other micro-controller for this project as it is not available in india.
    also i would like enquire that i am making a project i.e robot with object and distance detction what all sensors i can use and can we use those sensors with axon2

        1. That depends a lot on the post office, the Indian post office, and where you live in India. It could be up to 3 weeks, worst case. The 8051 (a VERY old microcontroller) has a hardware UART, so it will work after writing the necessary software.

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