Bluetooth-enabled Wii Nunchuck

The wireless controller for the Nintendo Wii has been used in many a hack due to its simple to use Bluetooth interface. The nunchuck portion of the controller however, has always required a physical tether to the wireless controller, or an aftermarket wireless dongle. [Rousselmanu] is looking to change that with his Bluetooth-enabled wireless Wii nunchuck. He is able to retrieve a slew of data from the nunchuck, including information from all of the accelerometers, buttons, as well as the joystick. The data is read into a PIC MCU and relayed via serial to a Bluetooth module he purchased online.

The Bluetooth module looks fairly easy to interface in Linux, and [Rousselmanu] has a video showing off how well the nunchuck can be used to interact with 3D models. He admits that the controller is a bit ugly at the moment as all the components don’t quite fit so well, but future revisions will surely remedy that.

Keep reading to see a video of the nunchuck in action.

16 thoughts on “Bluetooth-enabled Wii Nunchuck

  1. @doublet um but then how would be see the realtime interface between nunchuck and screen? If there is nothing but the screen then yes, screen capture should be a must, but if you are interacting with the screen no. We need to see how the system interacts.

    My nitpick time, tripod please?

  2. @xeracy
    Chill out man. I’m just saying filming your own screen isn’t the best way and isn’t very clear. I don’t say his project sucks (it’s awesome!). Next time turn your caps-lock off and act like a big boy.

  3. @rousselmanu: RE: Camstudio

    “with the unique Video Annotation feature you can even personalise your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself “picture-in-picture” over your desktop.” That would allow a sharp, clear screen image along with an inset video of the controller itself in action.

    1. I know the question is 4 years old (!), but I missed it and as it is of primary importance, I will give an answer now:
      code: no (too bad!)
      cook: yes
      solder: no
      film a computer screen: yes!
      can be used as a shaky camera tripod: yes!
      My sister is awesome

  4. First of all, nice hack rousselmanu

    Secondly, to all of you suggesting CamStudio,
    from the excellent video, it looks like rousselmanu is using Linux/GNU, I can’t seem to find anything about Linux/GNU at
    Is there a Linux/GNU version of CamStudio, or does it work in Wine?

    Ps. sorry for my bad English

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