RF Control From Just About Any Device

[Mirko] is working on a library that will allow you to add RF control to just about any device. The only requirement is that the device be capable of running a Linux kernel, and that it have a few GPIO pins available. One example is fairly straight forward, a Netgear router. Many, if not most routers run a Linux kernel natively and most have solder points on the board for unused IO pins so patching into the hardware is very straight forward. Less obvious and much more impressive is the hack seen in the image above. [Mirko] built an SD card adapter cable and uses the contacts in the card reader to bit bang four-wire SPI to communicate with that RF module.

10 thoughts on “RF Control From Just About Any Device

  1. You’ve done a really great job. I like this modules and I have used them in a couple of projects.
    It is true, the software examples in the datasheet is really bad, I ended up writing most on my own.

    I too am working(not that much) on some home automation using these modules.

  2. “Obviously” is surely a relative term in this case. Actually, I had looked into buying a NanoNote before, and even I didn’t recognize it at first glance. I thought it was a ZipIt for a second.

    Mini computer aside, this is an interest project. Certainly something to keep an eye on.

  3. While I really like this project, “The only requirement is that the device be capable of running a Linux kernel,” kind of restricts the applicability of “add RF control to just about ANY device.”

  4. Hey,

    indeed it’s a NanoNote built by Qi / sharism in the picture.

    I’m still looking for people participating at the project, willing to help me testing and analysing new devices / other 433mhz hardware, writing UIs, giving feedback, etc. – so if anybody’s interested you’re more than welcome! :)

    BTW: You misspelled my name – My name is “Mirko”, not “Miro”…

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