Sleek Numitron Clock Tells The Time And Temperature


Instructables user [janw] is a big fan of nixie clocks, but he had never built one before. He decided he would rather start small and build a clock using numitron tubes first, before moving to nixies. He preferred the simpler tubes due to their much lower voltage requirements and the fact that he would not have to use any specialized power supply for his project.

His clock serves double-duty, functioning as a thermometer as well. Timekeeping is regulated with a DS12307, and temperature is monitored using a DS18B20 single wire sensor – both of which are pretty common in these sorts of projects. Both are wired to an Atmega48 MCU which serves as the brain of the clock.

The numitrons were mounted in a handsome 5-layer milled acrylate stand with a pair of buttons mounted on the bottom which allow him to set the time. It really is a spectacular looking timepiece, and a great first effort on [janw’s] part.

Be sure to stick around to see a video of the clock in action.


6 thoughts on “Sleek Numitron Clock Tells The Time And Temperature

  1. Nice clock. Too bad I can’t read well about the project because of the stupid Instructables space. Requires a password (I know, register is for free but why do I have to give my personal info?) and is anyway annoying to use and read. Why people don’t use a free blog space where you can upload plenty of material and make it much nicer to read?

    Anyway, very nice project

  2. Great look. Real modern time, not medieval time.
    It’s 21:40 UTC but I still don’t know what time is is now. We just went thru the Bush early summertime change.
    Lets do the time warp again!

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