Portable NES Console Gets It Oh So Right


[Doug] over at the moddedbybacteria forums has been working hard on a fantastic looking portable NES console and wrote in to let us know it was complete.

The console started as a simple idea to use a Nintendo on a chip (NOAC) board in order to create a portable console that played original NES cartridges. Once a plastic case and some batteries were sourced, along with the NOAC board, the project was well on its way.

[Doug] eventually decided that he would rather use a real Nintendo motherboard in the project, so the NOAC was scrapped…temporarily. He accidentally fried the Nintendo board, so it was back to the NOAC, but with upgraded wiring to take care of some interference problems he was having earlier in the build. An original NES controller was disassembled for use in the console, which gives the portable an authentic feel. Getting the case to look just right was a long process, but we think he did a great job with it.

If you want to take a look at his entire build log, be aware that it is 23 pages long. If you’re impatient and want to jump straight to the unveiling, that happens on page 22.

Keep reading to see a pair of videos [Doug] put together both during the production and after his build was completed.

If you are interested in seeing some other portable NES consoles we have featured in the past, look no further than here, here, and here.



16 thoughts on “Portable NES Console Gets It Oh So Right

  1. I also made one of those once. It was called a Gameboy Micro plus a dev cart plus an emulator. Pocket sized. Advanced features such as save states. No cart needed to play. Great battery life. You could buy one of these for $30 – $50. Stylish, compact, portable, easier, better.

    Nice hack though – but I don’t see it is all that practical or useful.

  2. Well CutThroughStuffGuy i have many things that can emulate nes games sure but there nothing like grabbing the old cart you wanna play popping it in and playing. its nostalgia something that some people still care about

  3. This is absolutely awesome! Although some people seem to be missing the point.
    “You could buy one of these for $30 – $50. Stylish, compact, portable, easier, better.”

    Pfff please. Anyone can download an emulator and play their favorite games with choppy framerate and savestates. FOR FREE
    This is the fruit of someones labor who clearly cares about the experience of the player. By using classic cartridges and buttons he preserves that nostalgic feeling we all have, despite our ages. This custom job is worth far more.
    You get what you pay for.

  4. For the people talking about emulating the NES on a Gameboy Micro/Advance… the resolution of the GBA is too short to match the NES, so they squish it… looks terrible.

  5. the chip inside is about 2″ tall, you could custom design a holder, shorter like the genesis one…

    yes, I tore this very same cart apart trying to replace the battery inside.

  6. yo iknowthesethings if you look at the worklog at all not sure if you can navigate through that many pages you would see the type of work that goes into making one of these not look like complete trash like i know many from a certain site do

  7. DOUG! THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING NOACp I have ever seen. Sure, its not the smallest, but I haven’t seen one that hads looked nicer that was lazer cut, let alone frankencased!

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