Bluetooth Media Remote In An N64 Controller

[Phik] wrote in to share his very first microcontroller project with us. He built a bluetooth remote in an old Nintendo 64 controller to control an audio application on his computer. He had been building up the individual modules with the controller in mind for some time, but initially had no idea what kind of enclosure to put it in. After a failed attempt at stuffing it into an XBox controller(surely there was enough space), he realized he had a broken N64 controller lying around that he cold use. We think he did a fantastic job of mounting it, it looks almost like a commercial product. He documented the construction and testing of each individual module. You can find each of those broken into their own post on his site by checking out the archives. Great job [Phik], especially for your first project!

5 thoughts on “Bluetooth Media Remote In An N64 Controller

  1. Interesting, I like it.

    Does anyone know what LCD screen is used for this N64 hack? the only miniature 16×2 character module I can find has 1mm pin pitch ribbon cable and the N64 one appears to have pin header holes.

    One of my many ongoing mini-projects is turning an old Acoms Techniplus MK.V RC remote control into a custom RC controller with two-way comms (hence the want of a small LCD screen) using an XBee or similar (the XRF module looks good), because there’s a distinct lack of ‘modern’ 2-ch RC controllers for cars etc. that have sticks instead of the popular trigger/wheel combo.

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