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It’s a holiday weekend, and much like you, we’re taking a bit of time to relax and kick back a few drinks while we mingle with friends and family. Obviously, one of the bigger events this weekend plays host to is the fireworks show put on by your city or your drunken neighbors.

Roman candle wars aside, have you ever wondered what the 4th of July looked like from the fireworks’ point of view? We did, and so did [Jeremiah Warren], who put together an awesome video showing what really happens after you light the fuse and run away like a little girl.

The dizzying video was shot using a pair of key chain cameras that he strapped directly to the rockets before launching. It’s pretty entertaining, so be sure to check it out if you have a few minutes to spare.

This probably doesn’t quite fit the criteria to be considered a hack, but with explosions and the crazy point of view video, we had to pass it along.


24 thoughts on “Bottle Rocket POV Video

  1. first thought; tough cameras.
    Second thought; something you really wouldn’t want to do if your licensed to operate fireworks displays. Might be a problem for you, if an errant rocket with a camera mounted on it caused a problem for someone else.
    Third thought; that sounded like Zippo lighter.

    Fourth though; it is a Zippo,the camera caught it.

    Finally a fun video. Why would strapping a camera to a rocket that didn’t come with a camera not be a hack? Don’t let”not a hack” turds have you questioning what you offer for us to see, more than you need to be

  2. “first thought; tough cameras.”

    The impulse of those firework engines is pretty small. Strapping a couple extra ounces on them pretty much cuts the acceleration down a whole lot. Surviving the acceleration of one of the bigger model-rocket engines would be a tougher test.

  3. Here’s an idea: start a second comment section for each article where readers can discuss wether or not it is a hack. Personally, I’m just sick of those pedantic comments made by some retarded 10 year olds. It has even come to the point where HaD starts apologising up front. Come on man!

  4. Nice Hack! Never figured the flight time would be so short; must be small rockets (and a tiny camera).


    It’s the day we celebrate not being responsible for the US’s actions any more!

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