Bluescripts Makes Bluetooth Control From Android A Bit Easier

Here’s a way to gain control of your projects using an Android device. Bluescripts is a free app available in the Android market that makes it a bit easier to make interfaces to send customizable messages. If you have a Bluetooth receiver in your project, connecting to it is as easy as putting the MAC address into an XML file on the Android device. Each tag in that file has a name, as well as the address of the target and the message that should be sent. On the receiving end, you just need to make sure your project hardware is ready to receive an ASCII message and act based on what comes through.

Check out the demonstration video after the break. Perhaps it’s not as cool as you could do if you were writing your own Android program, but we can’t think of anything we’ve seen that makes an Android interface this quick and easy.


11 thoughts on “Bluescripts Makes Bluetooth Control From Android A Bit Easier

  1. You’re right, it is cooler to write your own android program. But if you are going to promote your android programming series in all these bluetooth posts, maybe finish your freaking android bluetooth tutorial which was talked about in the tutorial series.

    For the rest of us
    is a good reference
    and there was a bluetooth android car hack back in the day that had a enough example code to get started.

  2. @Colecago the program is open source so you are free to do whatever you want with it. Permissive license… It is more complex than the elecfreaks code, the SDK has a significant amount of info on the Bluetooth API as well…

  3. @Brian
    No I was complaining about Hackaday, several times they have commented in bluetooth posts about following their tutorial series to write your own bluetooth apps, but the series stops before it gets that advanced. It does talk about an advanced series of tutorials to cover that, but such a series has not surfaced yet.

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