2011 CCC R0ket Badge

[Geekabit] wrote in asking if we’d seen the 2011 CCC badges yet. The answer is NO, we haven’t seen them because the image above is the only sneek peek we can find on their broken-certificate website. But we are glad that he shared the link with us, because it does tell the tale of what hardware and firmware features will be on this year’s badge.

Right off the bat we need to applaud them for several things. Most notably, the 3.7 volt 600 mAh LiPo battery which can be recharged via the USB port. It boasts an ARM Cortex M3 processor which is running what they call and ‘unbrickable’ bootloader that is programmed via the USB port. You can see there is an LCD screen which we’d guess is about 128×128 pixels (correct us if you know otherwise). You’ll be able to interact using a 5-way button, via the RF transceiver, and possibly using an optical interface but we’re not sure that feature made it into the final design. They’ve also rolled in a shield system for extra harware so that you can design your own add-ons before you get there.

As always, if you get your hands on one of these, we want to hear all about your project as well as get an overview of the stock badge and its features so don’t forget to drop us a line.

Update: [Never_gonna] left a comment with a link to a series of posts about r0cket development including a video which we’ve embedded after the break. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “2011 CCC R0ket Badge

  1. ARM Cortex-M3 with an “unbrickable bootloader” that is programmable from the USB port? That sounds like the NXP LPC1343 or a relative.

    I know this because I’m involved with a new dev board coming to market this week called the Forebrain, which also carries the LPC1343

  2. Just so you know… the cirtificate is likely not broken… they’re all about communications…. its likely thetly own their own cirtificate authority which you don’t have access to.

  3. Oh, just to mention, it’s known as “unbrickable” because the USB/UART bootloader code is in ROM.

    However I know for a fact that you could do a pretty good job bricking it by setting the code read protection to level 3 while loading some broken firmware. Play with CRP levels at your own peril!

  4. What exactly is so broken about the certificate? All it’s cryptographic functions check out just fine.

    Oh that’s right it’s not the trusted signers list. Keep forgetting the hackaday staff isn’t actually technical.

    (it’s so easy to hate on had, even though they’re doing a fine job! Sorry guys. (the certificate isn’t quite “broken” though! Really!))

  5. Obviously this is NOT the official badge.

    This is probably just by some pricks trying to show off. In the end they will only sell a few tens of it to some CCC family and friends inner circle.

    As always the official badge comes with Photo-ID, Fingerprint and Hologram.

  6. Well Hans, sorry to say, but you are wrong.

    In fact, this badge *is* the official badge for the camp and all upcoming CCC-events.

    (Additionally: If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have got an .ccc.de-domain)

  7. Foo: Well, it seems that the term “badge” created confusion not only in me as it was expected that the “badge” would again be some wristband (which was actually the official “badge” type association identifier).

    Oh, and getting a subdomain under .ccc.de really does not state anything to this regard.

    But yes, luckily these badges were issued in addition to the wristbrands, but not enough for everyone.

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