Controlling An Infuriating Game With An Accelerometer

[Daniel] just made a motion controlled game controller to go with his infuriating game. Thankfully, [Daniel] posted the source for this game so first time players already know the level select codes.

The controller is based on an Arduino Uno with what looks to be a Sparkfun 2-axis accelerometer providing the tilt sensing. A similarly sourced half-inch force sensitive resistor and temperature sensor control the ‘jump pads’ in the game. A small vibrating pager motor strapped onto the controller as a rumble pack.

The game itself, built with Processing, is maddeningly hard (at least using a PC and a mouse) and fairly addictive. We’re going to keep telling ourselves that the game is hard because we don’t have a good controller. That saves us from taking out some frustrations on our laptop, but it does bring up memories of the MadCatz incident.

Check out the video below for the demo.


7 thoughts on “Controlling An Infuriating Game With An Accelerometer

  1. That’s pretty cool! I was thinking along the same lines using the fram dev board I picked up from TI for $15 recently (I managed to read the accelerometer from java so far after hacking apart the demo source provided.)

  2. By the end of july I will submit new levels and some visual modifications. There are going to be some “mind blowing” ones!!!!
    I hope nobody gets crazy of being so frustrated…… I play all levels to ensure they are achievable :)

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