“Extrem Konsolen Modding”

Not to be outdone by their North American counterparts, these German-speaking hackers have come up with a truly unique console mod. Although modding one system may be OK for most, the builders of this console decided to combine three systems into one clear plastic box. A stripped down Xbox360, Playstation3, and Nintendo Wii were all put together to form this “Extrem” system.

The build style should be very appealing to those interested in video game hardware. Combining the look of a tower PC with a clear plastic allows one to see all components in action. Since the box is lit up with electroluminescent lighting, one is able to show off this system in the day or at night.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dWEmzA0jXs&w=470&h=345%5D

Although awesome the way it is, one could see this combined with a MAME cabinet, adding more systems to it, or any number of other mods. For another great console mod that is very polished and gives the steps to build it, check out this portable N64 mod.

27 thoughts on ““Extrem Konsolen Modding”

  1. This “glowy=cool” thing people seem to have I’ve always found odd.

    I’ve watched it emerge in PC cases, and they just look ‘meh’ unless the rest of the case is equally neat (themed cases, unusual construction, etc.) and the light is just an accent. I guess I just dont see the cool factor of a glowing box, as most parts in them are static, unlike the machines of old.

    I’m genuinely puzzled, so apologies if this came across as a troll – the project here is quite well made, so don’t take this as an attack on it either.

    1. Im the same way, I have a friend that has a case that’s similar to this one. He’s packed so much led’s in there that it hurts my eyes sometimes when i m using it. I have an Antec 900 and the stock fans with the led’s is all i need in terms of light.

    2. My netbook LEDs shine so bright I had to open it up and put some electrical tape over the light. I hate LEDs in the wrong place. Asus for example, all their LEDs are way to bright and all in wrong places. So I guess I never understood the greatness about this kind of project.

  2. Function wise, it does the job. Look wise, looks like crap. They did go all out working on it.

    Looking at this makes me think of some teenage kid with a piece of crap car where he only spent money on rims, stereo system, and his own “custom” paint job.

    It’s great to see someone modding consoles. But, the thing looks like an abomination.

    1. personally, just at a glance, i think this ones a bit better. everythings contained in the case, from the looks of it you don’t need to open the case in any way to access vital locations (ie, game slots or whatever) and i could see this being usable quite easily, while yoshi’s….well….sure its a lot of system all packed into one. but in some cases its just putting the whole system in the computer with a few small workarounds. but, to everyone their own opinion ^^ ‘s a cool build either way

  3. idee gread but the bild ugly a hell
    why you make the controller port wii at the side of you case an not on the front.
    it look of all the consols trow in that pc case
    it,s not nice bild in and the heat bild up
    will kill the xbox360 and ps3 in no time
    this is a mod of a dude that never have do this i think.

  4. This would impress me:
    -Take up less space, slightly larger than 1 console.
    -All liquid cooling, silent.
    -1 power out, 1 Ethernet out, 1 hdmi out.
    -Onscreen switching gui or automatic switching.

  5. Very interesting mod – never seen that with the watercooling for modded consoles before. Thank you for sharing! Should you ever want to produce such a thing commercially, we could offer it in our modchip shop – please get in touch then.

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