Schäuble Jr Aims To Take Away Your Privacy!

[Mnt] wrote in to tell us about this 360 degree array of cameras featured on [Codeninja]. This has to be one of the most impressive arrays of cameras and sound equipment that we’ve seen at Hack a day.

The array is capable of 360 degree x 140 degree panoramic views using the 9 cameras arranged in a circle around the base. Impressive in itself, these cameras are all capable of both pan and tilt rotation via and Arduino-controlled servo setup. It also has a native 360 degree camera mounted on top of everything for calibration purposes and IR-LED illumination capabilities.

On top of all of this, the camera array also features audio capability with a 9-microphone setup, presumably one for each camera. This, coupled with piezoelectric speakers should provide for echolocation capability. Although jokingly called the “Schäuble Jr.” after a German politician, we’re not sure of the true purpose for this “sensor array.” We can only hope that it will be used for good. A very impressive build, it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

9 thoughts on “Schäuble Jr Aims To Take Away Your Privacy!

  1. Well, the longer a conversation about privacy or bombing something or whatever is taking place, the higher the potential of someone saying “hello Mister Schäuble”.

    He proposed that more cameras would enhance security: (sorry, german .. its called “you are a terrorist”)

    The actual bot is very nice. I like the way he did this “I don’t know why I built this .. maybe just beacause iam bale to”, hehe ..

    How do you hack a USB Port like this? Like with the microphone jacks? There has to be a soundcard for every Microphone .. Woeh .. Nice!

  2. Am I the only one creeped out by the glorification of surveillance hacks? Remember when privacy was cool? Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Enjoy your 1984 dystopia… or skynet, or whatever it is you’re going for…

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