Ikea Wine Rack Originally Sold As A Mattress Holder

[Jeremy Walworth] has been dumpster diving again. He noticed that his neighbor had a bucked of nice-looking wood out at the curb for garbage collection. He inquired about it and learned that it was an Ikea bed that had broken, and that the original hardware was still there in a separate bag. He dragged it to his lair and built this wine rack out of the parts.

The reused rails and hardware provide five shelves for the bottles. [Jeremy] wanted each vessel to stay in place if the shelf wasn’t full, so he grabbed a piece of mill work from the home store and cut dividers which were glued in place. Now he’s able to show off up to sixty bottles for just a couple of bucks in material expense.

It seems like Ikea is able to sell furniture for less than the cost of the materials sourced locally. We think this is a fantastic way to find parts for your own hacks, as the components that break can often be cut down to undamaged pieces. We also make sure to check the As-Is section on each visit for the ‘leftovers’ that are usually sold for pennies. Who know’s maybe you’ll find the parts you need to build a camera mount for documenting projects.

12 thoughts on “Ikea Wine Rack Originally Sold As A Mattress Holder

  1. We live in a word that so often begs for “rebuilding the busted” its hard rubbish collection week and much to the other half’s dismay I have been pulling in timber and scraps, dusting them down and sending them through various toolS to make them ready for use.

    I applaud you for your industry Jeremy.

  2. Ikea stuff seems to often use material that’s too cheap for what it was meant to do (I’ve heard several stories of broken beds similar to this one) but if you’re clever about re-tasking it you can make some pretty handy stuff. Definitely a nice job on this one!

  3. For ages now I’ve been planning to write up a “cheap 19″ rack” hack from ikea. It goes quite simply : buy the deeper ivar shelving unit, install the sides facing front/back and slide servers in. The uprights are exactly enough 19″ apart that you could almost use original mounting rails rather than wooden shelves. Obviously you need to be a bit careful with the loading but I have 5-6 19″ boxes neatly shelved.

  4. I made an entertainment center out of an old waterbed.

    Simple and ghetto.

    There was to box like things with plywood on top to hold it up. Took the plywood and just nailed in on the boxes so that the boxes are at the end of the plywood to put my shit on and TV sits in between them on some small coffee table.

  5. Nice work Jeremy. It looks pretty good and thanks for saving it from the dump! :)

    Swedish Walmart products seem to end up there quite often. How many of us know people that have the tall torchiere lamp that they found in the dumpster that the threading had stripped out in the middle but black electric tape fixes perfect to them but it is obvious it is slightly bent to the rest of the world??? Better yet, out of that sample, how many are twits like my best friend that uses duct tape so it has a nice “racing stripe” (as he calls it) around the middle lol?? good times….

    1. I happen to have one of those lamps that I bought, and is stripped in the middle! lol No tape though, just finegle it until it stands up right.

      I don’t see much point in spending more money to replace or fix it, it doesn’t affect my quality of life to have a crooked lamp. I’d rather spend the cash on something fun.

      1. Oops, I reported inadvertently your comment.

        Just wanted to say that I have that lamp and it’s stripped in the middle too.
        Seems like a common defect… I will try the electric tape!

    2. The simple fix I use for all stripped out screw holes: Run a bead of either super glue or epoxy down a couple of the inside linings, let it dry. Then try your screw again. It should be tight in there again and virginal lol. Ya don’t usually need much and definitely lay it on its side while it dries so there isn’t a pool of hard glue at the bottom :) The good part of this over straight up gluing together is that you can still unscrew it to move or fix later ;)

  6. LOL; judging by the associated advertizing, Jeremy’s wine rack has a retail value, of about $43. Nice use of salvage building material. In my family there’s a coffee table made out of salvaged wood that’s at least 50 years old, and still looks good.

  7. first thing i noticed is that the bottle on the top shelf are being stored the wrong way. if they will be stored for any extended period of time, the corks will dry out (assuming they are cork corks).

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