RFID Reading And Spoofing

Locks are always temporary hindrances. After deciding to open the RFID-secured lock in his department, [Tixlegeek] built a device to read and spoof RFID tags (French, Google translate here).

The system is built around an ATMega32 microcontroller with a 16×2 LCD display. A commercial RFID reader module takes care of all the sniffing/cloning duties, and a small modulation circuit handles pumping those bits over to a lock. Right now, the spoofer can only handle reading and spoofing 125kHz RFID tags with no encryption or authorization. A tag that’s more complex than the duct tape RFID tag doesn’t work.

[Tixlegeek]’s little project does open up a few interesting avenues of exploring stuff that’s most certainly illegal. A smaller version of the project could be emplaced near a door or other RFID reader and left to crack a lock with a 32+62 bit password at 125 kilohertz. It wouldn’t be the fastest safecracker in the business, but it would work automatically as long as there is power.

If you’ve got any other ideas on what [Tixlegeek]’s RFID spoofer could do, leave a note in the comments.

9 thoughts on “RFID Reading And Spoofing

  1. While I’m sure some day there will be laws against this, I am not aware of ANY laws or regulations that would be broken at present. Just like any tool, it can be used for good, bad, or other and it is the application of the tool that may or may not be illegal. Recording an RF transmission and then playing it back is no crime. Using said transmission to break into something you aren’t allowed access to often is.

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