Bullhorn Mod Lets You Disperse Angry Crowds To The Dulcet Tones Of [Kenny G]


[Randy] had a cheap megaphone, and like most models in this price range, it didn’t have an audio input jack on board. He wanted the ability to pipe both music and audio from an external mic through the megaphone, and in a brief tutorial, he shows how he modified his bullhorn to do just that.

Most megaphones carry their electronics near the built-in mic, just outside the battery compartment. Removing the screws from the cap in [Randy’s] model revealed a circuit board and a couple of wires connecting it to the on board mic. His megaphone happened to play some canned music from a secondary circuit board, and he spliced in an audio jack with a built in cutoff switch between that and the main PCB. He also added a resistor in between his jack and the microphone circuitry to attenuate the line level signal properly. Once he reassembled everything, and then tested his input using a portable audio player, slowly ramping up the volume to the desired level.

It’s not every day that you require the ability to blast music through a bullhorn, but [Randy’s] modification is a great addition when you do need it.

11 thoughts on “Bullhorn Mod Lets You Disperse Angry Crowds To The Dulcet Tones Of [Kenny G]

  1. Amateur!

    I would have gone the route of Captain & Tennille.

    More stopping power, like an unjacketed .40 wadcutter.

    (secretly copying this awesome mod for my own Radio Shack late 1980s-era bullhorn

    1. Not sure if you noticed this too, but there is a total of zero people that give a sh*t about what you do or do not like on the internet.

      It is a neat tweak who cares where it is posted?

    2. Good for you, I love when people can think for themselves! Rebel! Go against the grain! Fight the power! To hell with mainstream garbage filling our downtrodden minds! Hipsters all the way! We are the 99% ! We are Anonymous and we are legion!
      Sorry, got carried away there, it happens when there’s a mob mentality vibe in the air, just like the 60’s, free love, civil rights, right wing was evil then, just like now (only now they can’t get away with stuff as easily)
      I don’t know where I was going with this, but I’m certainly not with you as I like Ibles a fair deal more (though not much, HQ is full of dicks)

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