Kitchen Hacks: [Dino’s] Egg Tricks

[Dino’s] latest weekly hack plays right into our Kitchen Hacks theme. He’s sharing some obscure tips and tricks involving eggs.

It should come as no surprise that he knows a thing or two about using eggs. After all, he keeps chickens and you’ve can’t just let good eggs go to waste. Which is where his first tip comes in. Eggs will keep for weeks, but if you don’t know if they’re still good you can put them in a bowl of water before cracking them. Eggs that float are on the way out!

Need some scrambled eggs but don’t have a pan to cook them in? His next feat is to cook up a breakfast of steamed eggs using the steamer nozzle on his espresso machine. It’s messy (egg seems to be flying everywhere) but the final product does look appetizing.

The rest of the video (embedded after the break) shows his methods of making Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict, and how to blow the innards out of an egg-shell.

Now we have a picture in our minds that [Dino’s] daily routine is surrounded by eggs… like the egg farmers in Napoleon Dynamite.


16 thoughts on “Kitchen Hacks: [Dino’s] Egg Tricks

  1. funny and instructive…
    but eehm plagiarizing on our favourite site are we now?

    i’m gonna get and and mayebe even not forgetting etc…

    NOT COOL!!! ya b#st@rd

  2. One trick I remember from a few past easters, is to use a toothpick to scramble (NPI) the inside of the egg before you blow it. It makes it a little easier.

    Never done the eggs benedict though. I will definitely be trying that soon.

  3. No espresso machine, not likely to ever have one, scratch that method. Now I know how one way for Eggs Benedict. Ending up with one hand less than fully functional, I open eggs up using one hand. @Phrankie I live in a rural area, and we never blown eggs in school. I’m assuming that’s an elementary school thing, perhaps the nuns thought such a thing was playing with food, and not something done in school.

    1. Wat.

      I live in a rural area, and we never blown eggs in school. I’m assuming that’s an elementary school thing.

      Are you saying you DIDN’T get an elementary education? Of course not, you’re “rural”. Would it mean anything if I told you I live in the region that is the largest exporter of coal and cane sugar in this hemisphere? HEMISPHERE. Where are you? Bumfuck, Iowa?

  4. Personally, I get a kick out of some of Dino’s hacks. The fact that not everything always goes right in his videos makes them kinda comical.

    HAD has featured Dino several times so I don’t think his site name offends them too much.

  5. I worked at an egg ranch. Every day we collected the eggs and put them thru a soapy water bath to wash the dirt, crap, feathers, lice, food, blood, etc off of them. 15-30 secs and any egg that did not come clean with very minimal effort was thrown away. We were a small operation but while some eggs are clean MANY eggs are not as clean as you get in the store.

    The implication to me is that YOU are using farm selected eggs while from the store we get eggs with that protective covering already washed off? I can’t remember the last time I got a rotten egg. I thought another “trick” to keep them fresh was to put a light coat of vegetable oil on them? Don’t know if thats true–never had an opportunity to test that.

  6. after watching this morning, i decided to make eggs benedict. my eggs sunk to the bottom of the pot, didnt seem to stick together very well, possibly because i didnt add enough vinegar. also didnt seem to cook all the way, threw them in right after the water boiled. ended up microwaving them the rest of the way

    then when i made the hollandaise sauce, well it turned out too watery, the butter didnt seem to cook it all the way. i threw it all over a hot water bath which did the trick

    over all wasnt too tasty. threw on a bunch of cheese to cover up the taste.

    dinos cool though

    1. One way of making the eggs to stick together completely is to make a little whirlpool in the pot and put the egg into the middle, it should stay there long enough to hold it’s shape.
      Saw it on a cooking show once, don’t think they added vinegar to the pot though.

  7. The espresso machine trick is great because if you already have a hot espresso machine for your morning coffee it’s really fast, no need to wait for a pan to heat up and fewer dishes to wash. It doesn’t have to be messy, it depends on the machine’s steam pressure and jug shape. Calling scrambled eggs an “omelet” is sacrilege though.

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