Handheld Jaguar Makes 32 Or 64 Bits Portable

There’s nothing wrong with portable NESs, Super Nintendos, N64, or even a portable Sega CD. What about a portable version the oft-maligned Atari Jaguar, though? [Evil Nod] pulled it off, and it looks great.

The build is fairly standard for a portable console. A PS1 screen is used for the display, and a cut up and re-wired controller provides the input. From what we see on the build log, moving the 104-pin cartridge slot onto ribbon cables was an exercise in patience. The case is absolutely phenomenal with a textured finish we would expect to see on an early 90s console. Of course, [Nod] kept the numeric keypad; there was space left over anyway.

We can’t rag on the Jaguar or [Nod]’s build. It’s a great execution and there’s an impressive library of games that include Worms, Rayman, Doom, and Myst. Still, we wonder what the build would look like with the Jaguar CD-ROM attached.

4 thoughts on “Handheld Jaguar Makes 32 Or 64 Bits Portable

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back as you did not solder 2 x 104 pin edge connectors. I don’t know why everyone in the Jag community says it is 104 pins, because it is actually 124 pins. In the end you soldiered 248 Pins in total.

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