Rapid Fire Update Brings Many New Features

[Shawn McCombs] has been spending some time refining his Xbox 360 rapid fire hack. This time around he’s got a lot more features, many of which we haven’t really seen before.

When we looked at the original project he had added an ATtiny85 which read a potentiometer to set the rapid fire speed for one of the buttons. This time around he’s opened up settings for individual weapons in the game. For instance, if you have a hand-gun and a rifle, you can set different rapid fire rates for each to account for the reload speed for those guns. He patched into the ring of LEDs on the controller in order to indicate which preset is currently chosen. There are three tactile switches on the underside of the controller too. One of them is a reset button which gets you back to your primary weapon and the default rapid fire rate. Settings for each weapon are saved to the EEPROM so you won’t lose them when the controller goes to sleep. Check out [Shawn’s] description of the project in the video after the break.


24 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Update Brings Many New Features

  1. I’m not sure I would put the work of someone who can’t spell “Thief” into my $60 controller. Like I said last time, there are better ones around.

    He’s keeping the reset pin floating and using seemingly random resistor values, as well. Not the worst I’ve seen, but pretty dirty.

  2. @Mizchief im lost, this is cheating how? in the game i frequent this would only help you aline your presses with each wepon’s semi-auto action, but not make it shoot faster?

    PS: im a keyboard man, so explain to me…

    i dont see anything wrong with his schematic. aside from floating reset, i would think the controller’s housing would do a fair job of shielding static at least, i think EDIT i read there is a pull-up resistor INSIDE an Atmega162 mcu! FIGURE 21 in PDF datasheet

  3. LOOPS *gasp* loops

    my Arduino is rusty so there is probably errors in this but I feel so much better after having written it.

    if(mode == 8) {
    //analogWrite(rtrigPinout, 255);
    digitalWrite(rtrigPinout, HIGH);

    ltrigValue = analogRead(ltrigPin);
    // if ltrigValue is more than half
    if (ltrigValue >2; //knobDiv = knobValue/4
    digitalWrite(ltrigPinout, HIGH);
    unsinged int i = 0x0;
    for(i=0;i<=knobValue;i=i+knobDiv){//0,1/4,1/2,3/4,1 == 5 times
    ltrigValue = analogRead(ltrigPin);
    //should define a threshold rather than chose < 1
    //in the case there is some noise on the trigger line
    //#define THRESH 10

      1. Shawn McCombs may think he knows C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, and Ruby, but with that kind of code, I would reason to say he isn’t good in ANY language. Yes, the code works, but it’s wayyyyy too long for what it actually accomplishes. Also it’s one huge huge loop, that I imagine may run a little slow (or as too frequently I have experienced in Arduino, very very slow). The project itself definitely has potential though.

  4. Well Gdogg, My name is as it is because I want it to be. It also seems your getting mad and I wounder if maybe because I’m giving away a design that will ruin your PIC rapid fire kits you sell on ebay? lol

    anonymous, I thought adding personal comments about my self would establish more of a connection between me and the viewer. I also found it very artistic once I got started.

    And as for the reset. You can connect it if you want, but mine works fine as it is.

  5. Well GDogg, it seems my mod makes you mad. My conclusion is that your one of those people selling PIC rapid fire kits on ebay.. lol

    anonymous, I thought that adding personal comments would connect me more to the view, I also found it somewhat artistic.

    marxgen Thanks for the help, I hope this picks up and more people add to it.

    1. It’s not anger its just our way of over constructive criticism, remember many of us do not function well in a social environment and before you getmad understand their views on this topic too!

  6. I like it. You set a goal and made it work. There have been some great suggestions to improve it. Good job on prototype 1. I’m sure your next rev will include a lot of the suggestions. Keep on Hacking. Have fun playing “Single” player games! :-D


  7. Thing is it makes you look like a cheater since you’re shots are identically spaced apart.

    Why not throw in a random number generator to generate a random delay between each shot but still be fast.
    That way your victims will think they got owned by a legit player with a fast finger rather than a mediocre player with a controller mod.

  8. Well honestly if your a good player. You can pull the trigger as fast as the gun will allow you to.

    Another note, on games like bf3 the users screen shows you firing super fast, but on other peoples it shows you firing really slow at different rates. I think the game still registers your shots though.

    And on most games you usually can’t even count how many shots hit you before you die anyways. So how will they know? The only way is kill cam, so you would be playing COD which is a online game, plus AIs wouldn’t care if you shot them twice at the same delay.

  9. Nice hack, but…

    Stay off Xbox Live. They will find you. And they will ban you. And maybe your console too. Not to mention, this gives you an unfair advantage… Which is why they will ban you. Play fair.

  10. For The Record: actually the code of conduct for microsoft leaves it up to the developer.
    Certain games allow modded weapons and others do not… you can only get banned from games that do not allow it… Such as Call of Duty… Other games its ok to play with your modded controllers such as Gears of War… I personally like the personal effort this guy has put into his mod… I would love a tutorial if you could email me one I have all the tools an arduino some attiny84 chips if you have a written step by step tutorial I would love to make your controller it looks like you put your heart into it.. something alot of people overlook about hacking lately… My hat off to you…

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