Rotating Platform Makes Most Useless Machine Concept Useful

[Valentin] used a simple concept to build this auto-reversing rotating platform. The concept is extremely simple, the leads for the motor are attached to a double-pole double-throw switch which allow the polarity to be reversed. Flip the switch in one direction and it spins clockwise. Flip it in the other direction and it spins counter-clockwise.

In this case, he’s harnesses the power of the most useless machine. That often seen hack uses a similar switch, but accomplishes nothing by having the moving parts act as the actuator. This one is useful, taking advantage of a single or double arm to flip the switch and make the platform spin backwards. In the video after the break you can see it’s used to create a scanning security camera. But [Valentin] also shows it at work as a turntable for salable goods. We think’s the gearing is a little brisk for both purposes, but slowing it down is a hack for another day.[youtube=]

13 thoughts on “Rotating Platform Makes Most Useless Machine Concept Useful

  1. The Most Useless Machine concept involves turning off as well. Relating this to the Most Useless Machine is like calling all projects involving a DPDT switch used to reverse a power supply a Useful Most Useless Machine. In other words… this project should just be called, “A Rotating Platform”.

  2. I completely agree with the other comments; this has nothing to do with the Most Useless Machine. The whole point of the Most Useless Machine is to be useless. This is just a reciprocating platform. Cool, but not useless.

  3. I totally agree with all comments above. This is more like a lawn sprinkler powered by electricity instead of water and with a different purpose.

    BTW: the lawn sprinkler concept could also be used to fine-tune the angle if the camera was mounted in a corner or something.

  4. Ah! I bought this same webcam off Ebay probably 5 years ago and the drivers that came with it were on a little mini disk. Has anyone ever seen this cam before or had the drivers for it?

  5. Just because it isn’t useless, doesn’t mean the mechanism isn’t fairly similar to the “Most Useless Machine” type devices. It is a motor that flips a switch that controls itself. That’s about as close as you can get without being useless. If you don’t have something productive to say about the hack, keep your damn mouth shut (and I don’t mean constructive criticism, that is actually useful). You are just discouraging people from submitting. And if someone has already said your negative comment, why do you feel the need to say “I agree with everyone above who said blah blah blah”. Just get over yourself and move on.
    Nice hack and interesting method of achieving this result.

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