Hackday Links: March 16, 2012

Shamrock hat

[Josh] whipped up a shamrock themed hat by adding an outline of green LEDs to this bowler. Just remember, don’t drink and solder. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Battery-powered Xmas lights can be more useful

[Karl] took a string of mostly useless battery-powered Christmas lights and found a good use for them. He replaced the stock board with a boost convert and uses the two AA batteries as a 5V power supply when mains power isn’t handy.

3D printed appliance repair

The broken plastic piece seen here keeps a dishwasher closed while running. The part couldn’t be sourced by a repairman but the best solution turned out to be printing a perfect replacement part.

Generating labels for resistor storage

[Darrell] picked up a surplus test-tube rack to use as resistor storage. It’s a great system, but his Ruby script that uses LaTeX to generate color-coded labels is a really nice touch as well.

DeLorean quadcopter build log

No, it’s not a dupe. [Alp_X] found the link to a build log for the DeLorean quadcopter that headlined our last Links post. It’s in Russian but the machine translation should help a bit.

6 thoughts on “Hackday Links: March 16, 2012

  1. How durable is the printed plastic? I would hate to have a soaked kitchen. I would have gotten out the piano wire and pliers and bent up one in minutes, or melted said wire into the original.

    1. While I agree with the fix it yourself with what you got mentality, I could use a 3D printer for these kinda purposes. Think of all the lost battery covers that could be replaced!! Also it would be great for custom switchplates and LED indicator for in-car mods. Simpit, custom cases for your electronics… I have to have me a 3D printer!!!

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