Fashion Leads To Mind-controlled Skirt-lifting Contraption

This must be an example of when worlds collide. Who would have thought the geekery of Mindflex and Arduino could make its way into high fashion? But sure enough, this dress transforms based on the mental concentration of the model (must resist urge to crack joke here).

Details are a bit sparse, but you can get a look at the prototype in the video after the break. There’s no nudity; a larger skirt covers a more plain version. That over-skirt is connected to some type of motor system which is driven by an Arduino. When the EEG sensor in the hat detects a certain level of brain wave activity, the outer skirt is lifted and pulled to the back of the outfit, exposing the tighter version beneath.

[Lorenzo] wrote in to share the link to this garment hack. He mentions that a Lilypad and Mindflex are at work here. Looking more into the artist’s website we find this isn’t the only tech-wear produced. There’s a maternity outfit which can sense the baby’s beating heart, and harvest other data about both mother and baby, as well as a few others.

We can’t think this has much future as an everyday outfit, but more utilitarian versions are out there so we think the sky’s the limit on wearable tech.

[vimeo w=470]

5 thoughts on “Fashion Leads To Mind-controlled Skirt-lifting Contraption

  1. Oh no. I am already as helpless as a lamb when a woman decides to flirt with me. mind-controlled clothing may just be the end of me.

    Cool stuff, I hope to see more hacks by artists.

  2. So this issues a challenge to hackers to create a device that what activate the mechanism remotely. But would that be considered assault though? This being fashion, there’s bound to be critics. The only fashion I ever hated was the maxi skirt ending the era of miniskirts.

    1. Oh, I watched it fullscreen and that’s the completed outfit, I thought it was something different from the white dress shown at the beginning. I’m still not sure how much the movement adds to it, but I like the style.

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