When Console Modders Face Off, Only Good Things Happen


We really love when friendly competition leads to excellent hacking. Not too long ago, we showed you a nicely done Sega Genesis portable put together by console hacker [Downing] who challenged fellow hacker [EVIL NOD] to a build off. The two were hacking Sega consoles, [Downing’s] for personal use, while [EVIL NOD] was working on a commissioned build.

As you might have guessed, [Downing] finished first, but that doesn’t mean [EVIL NOD’s] console is anything but spectacular. His Sega Multi Gen is a portable Genesis console modified to play both NTSC and PAL games. It features a large 5” PSOne screen as well as the guts from an official 6-button Genesis game pad. The case was vacuum formed by [Downing], and is another example of his fine workmanship. The console looks as if it’s had the controller melted right into its face – a design that is sure to give you the authentic feel of sitting in front of your TV mashing away at the buttons.

Check out the video below to see an unboxing video that [EVIL NOD] put together before sending the console out to its new owner.


11 thoughts on “When Console Modders Face Off, Only Good Things Happen

  1. So I’m sure that the game on the right is ‘James Bond’, but it kinda looks like ‘James Pond’

    I thought to myself “Oh dang! James Pond? Is he like a froggy spy? A minnow disguised as a tadpole? Does he have a tiny speargun? Oh wait, the bottom of the B is cut off”

    1. Your initial suspicions are right. It is ‘James Pond’, in fact it’s the third game in the ‘James Pond’ series. He was some sort of fish, IIRC – never had interest in the game.

  2. Awesome!

    I was reading a post here this week about 3D printers and how the projects collaborate. Wouldn’t it be great if the same happened with console hacking? For instance, I remember a few months ago there was a better audio circuit for the genesis posted — wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate that into a Genesis portable?

    1. I was contemplating doing that originally, but Drakon who had done the mod himself made a valid point that to really enjoy the mod, it had to be done outside of the range that portable speakers could handle. Why go though the expense and time to do it if you’re not gonna be able to really utilize it to the fullest potential.

      As for you’re 3D printing, that would be sweet! There are very few limitations now and it’s the first step to teleportation! haha.

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